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Welcome to Shuibing Chen Laboratory!

The major research interest in the Chen Laboratory is to apply human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived cells/organoids to model human diseases and perform drug screens toward development of novel therapeutics. We have identified many small molecules controlling stem cell fate decision using high throughput/content chemical screens. By combining gene targeting, directed differentiation, human organoids, and humanized mouse models, we have established several unique models to systematically explore the role of genetic and/or environmental factors in disease progression. We establish proof-of-principle that “disease in a dish” models that can be adapted to high throughput/content screening platforms and to discover drug candidates for precision therapy.

Dish models_high resolution.jpg

Latest News & Media

Feb 2023: Our paper "SARS-CoV-2 Infection Induces Ferroptosis of Sinoatrial Node Pacemaker Cells" won the 2022 Circulation Research Best Manuscript Award-Basic Science! Please read the paper.

Jan 2023: Listen to Dr. Chen "Manipulating Stem Cell Fate" on Stem Cell Podcast.

Jan 2023: Welcome our new lab member, Sally Lee!!!


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